2012′s Product of the Year is…

A couple of weeks ago we asked all our lovely fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter a question – what is the one product you couldn’t have lived without in 2012?

Hundreds of you voted, and I can reveal 2012′s Pai Product of the Year is…

Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil

A desert island must-have for so many of you, our multi-tasking wonder Oil can be:

  • used on its own as an effective night treatment
  • added to a Moisturiser or Body Cream for an extra boost
  • used to help heal scars, burns or skin blemishes.

Here are just some of the things you set about our star product:

“has become one of my beauty staples”

“a little miracle drop for my skin”

“simple ingredients but packs a punch!”

Thanks to everyone who shared such lovely feedback with us! Read more reviews and find out what makes our Rosehip Oil so great on our website.

  • Danielle

    This is my must-have product! I usually purchase from NuboNau but recently placed a order from you for the limited edition Rosehip oil set. Cannot wait to try the rose mask. Love the Rosehip oil, my one product I cannot do without-Thankyou-Danielle, Syracuse, NY

  • paiskincare

    Thanks so much Danielle! We’ve had great feedback for our Limited Edition Rosehip Face Mask so far, would love to hear what you think of it once you’ve had a chance to try x