‘Detox Reactions’ to new products – are they normal?

We often hear skincare brands telling customers that redness or inflammation is a normal detox response to their products after initial use.

Some natural companies even state that reactions can last up to a month but that this is ‘healthy’ and shows the botanical ingredients are working.

Having personally (and repeatedly!) suffered inflamed skin after trialling new products – I find this concerning and pretty irresponsible advice.

How to spot an allergic reaction

While it can sometimes take the skin a few weeks to settle into a new product regime, any signs of inflammation should be heeded.

Symptoms of instant redness or sore aggravated skin is an allergic reaction to one or more ingredients.  If this occurs, my recommendation would be to stop using the product immediately and send it back to the manufacturer for a refund.

Redness can take many different forms but the most common allergic response to watch out for is a burning sensation or general feeling of heat or swelling on the skin.

Try with Confidence

While reactions to Pai products are rare I feel strongly that any customer should be able to try our products risk-free and return them if their skin doesn’t respond positively to them.

We offer a no quibble, 30 day money back guarantee on all of our full sized products.

Alternatively we have fabulous sample sets containing six 5ml trial sizes which enable you to try our products over three or four days.

I’d really like to hear from you on this – have you ever mistaken an allergic reaction for “settling in” to a new regime?

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  • yvonne

    oh yes! i was using some other brands and the consultant said i have oily and acne prone skin , which after long time of reading n researching know that my skin is just sensitive n combination. they kept pushing me to dry out my skin, using harsh products and said they r working to get the toxins out but the redness was never ending. when i use gentle products my skin heals itself! never trust them again :(

  • nele

    I know excatly what you mean! For years it was ‘buy this acid peeling’, ‘try this foam wash’ etc. No one ever asked me about my diet, lifestyle or indeed suggested that its just very sensitive until I found out myself by months of research.

  • yvonne

    Indeed!!! diet n lifestyle is a huge thing when it comes to skin condition as well. I’ve started gradually changing my diet n lifestyle n it really changes everything, even my bf who has acne all over his face started doing diet n lifestyle changes does feel so much better n almost no more acne

  • Anonymous

    You ladies sounds as though you know your stuff! You’re right, diet and lifestyle are huge factors to take into consideration when you’re trying to get to the bottom of a skin problem, whether that’s a sensitivity or acne. In fact, a large proportion of skin problems are directly linked to your diet and lifestyle! x

  • Anonymous

    That sounds terrible Yvonne! What a relief that you’ve managed to get to the bottom of the problem though. Less is always more when it comes to sensitive skin. x

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