Organic really is better!

Organic market fruits and vegetables

A new study came out recently revealing what I’ve always figured. That organically grown crops are better for you – not so surprising! The Newcastle University study is the most up-to-date and extensive investigation into the nutrient content of organic crops, in comparison to non-organic crops, collating results of more studies than ever before. The […]

Time to scrub out plastic from our beauty products

Exfoliating Gel

The ongoing debate around plastic micro-beads came to a head last week, with Illinois becoming the first US state to ban their use in skincare products with Ohio, California and New York looking like they’ll be following suit. Micro-beads aren’t just a US problem but a global one – environmental groups across Europe have been […]

Pai launches at Shen Beauty in New York!


New Yorkers, I have amazing news for you – Pai has just landed its first Big Apple store! The gorgeous Shen Beauty in Cobble Hill is a treasure trove of cult beauty brands, founded and curated by former beauty writer Julia Stringer and former stylist Jessica Richards. Shen specialises in natural and organics, so alongside Pai […]

Pai used on the set of Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent!


Along with most of the Pai office, I’m really looking forward to seeing Maleficent over the weekend. Disney films aren’t usually my bag, but the stills of the gorgeous Angelina Jolie looking so menacing and magical have drawn me in! I’ll get even more of a thrill seeing the film as I know that Pai […]

Sarah Vine asks if organic products are worth it

Document4 copy

While lack of organic labelling regulations is an issue I regularly bang on about here on the blog, it’s very rarely covered in mainstream beauty media. So, I was thrilled to see Sarah Vine’s great article on organic beauty products and labelling loopholes in her Daily Mail ‘Beauty Sleuth’ column this morning. As she points […]

Allergy Awareness Week

Shot_02_037 copy

Today marks the start of Allergy Awareness Week, a cause you can imagine is pretty close to my heart! This year, we wanted to get on board and highlight just how prevalent skin allergies and reactions  really are. So, last month we commissioned some exclusive research and found that: 1 in every 2 British women […]

Why it’s good to make things…


The last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind here at Pai HQ! Last week I was invited to speak at the EEF’s National Manufacturing Conference alongside political heavy-weights, Ken Clarke and Vince Cable. Representing small businesses, I was there to communicate the challenges we face as a British manufacturer in the beauty […]

The women who inspire me


Today is International Women’s Day (IWD) – a touch point in the calendar that celebrates all the amazing women, society and the media seldom put centre stage. To mark the occasion here are just a few of my lesser known, every day heroes that have inspired me to think differently and live my life better. […]

Who’s Who in Natural Beauty – 2014


This week saw the launch of the 2014 Natural Beauty Year Book at Whole Foods Market, Kensington. It’s one of my favourite events of the year as it’s a great chance to catch up with everyone in the natural beauty industry, and starts off the countdown to the new year nicely! The NBYB is a fantastic […]

Pai wins its first Manufacturing Award!


I’m so excited to announce that Pai has won its first manufacturing award! The EEF Manufacturing Awards celebrate achievements and progression in the manufacturing sector – encompassing brands as diverse as Rolls Royce to Pai. On Tuesday, we were announced as the South East Regional Winner for Export Development in the EEF Manufacturing Awards. We […]