8 things to do with your muslin cloth


I have amassed so many old muslins over the years and can never bear to throw them away – I’m a terrible hoarder! If your cloths are starting to pile up, here are my pointers for reusing and recycling them. 1. Everyday Gentle Exfoliation Using your muslin cloth to remove your Camellia & Rose Gentle […]

What is Rosacea and how can I treat it?


Sensitive skin can be particularly susceptible to temperature variations, with Rosacea the most common skin complaint developing as a result. Very cold weather interspersed with blasts of hot, dry central heating can wreak havoc on Rosacea-prone skin can causes flare-ups. Equally humid, sunny weather can also be a trigger – understanding what causes your skin […]

Not all Soap is bad for your skin


Soap has always had a bad rap. The main criticisms of it are that it dries out the skin and strips your natural oils. In many cases that’s true, especially those of the more synthetic variety – and it’s fair to say I would never ever use one on my face! But for the body, […]

Five ways to detox your skincare routine

green and red healthy food

January is, without doubt, the month of the detox. In amongst the juice cleanses, diet overhauls and gruelling exercise regimes, it’s worth remembering your skincare routine can also benefit from a good cleanse. Not only will they help rebalance your skin, these top tips will also help put good skin habits in place for the […]

Dry & Sensitive Skin Guide

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What you need to know about your skin Dry skin naturally produces less oil than normal skin, so can feel tight, uncomfortable and is generally more prone to fine lines. What type of ingredients should I look for in my products Softening: Opt for fattier, Omega-rich oils that plump and protect the skin’s all-important moisture […]

Oily, Combination and Blemish-prone Skin Guide

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What you need to know about your skin Oily: Oily skin literally produces more oil, or sebum, than normal skin. It can be caused by a number of factors, including genetics, using the wrong products or hormone imbalances. Combination: Combination skin is oily in places (usually the t-zone) and normal or dry in others (usually […]

Very Dry & Mature Skin Guide

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What you need to know about your skin As we age our sebum production naturally decreases, so mature skin can often become very dry. This can make fine lines more noticeable while also leaving the skin a little dull or lacklustre. What type of ingredients should I look for in my products? Replenishing: Very dry and […]

Reactive and Hyper-Sensitive Skin Guide

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What you need to know about your skin Hyper-sensitive skin reacts to external irritants way more easily than healthy skin, and can feel uncomfortable and unpredictable. While there are many common irritants, hyper-sensitive skin can also be very fickle – and what one person may react to may be absolutely fine for another. The key to […]

Why exfoliation is important in winter


Buffed, smooth, well exfoliated skin is something most people associate with summer beauty routines – but with harsh weather conditions and duller cells, winter is the perfect time to bring out the polish. Why? In the colder months, humidity levels drop with the temperature and there is literally less water in the air. Although cell […]

Party-Ready Skin Tips


The party season is fast approaching and whether you’re celebrating with friends and family, or waiting for that special someone under the mistletoe – you want to look your best! If you fancy putting the groundwork in to guarantee a glowing winter complexion, here are my top tips for the Christmas countdown: 1 month to […]