Oils vs. Creams: What’s the difference?

beauty cream

In the last few years Facial Oils have taken the beauty world by storm, and it’s been fantastic to see so many people incorporate them into their regimes. With a host of amazing organic Oils available, it can be easy to become a dedicated fan – and leave more traditional Face Creams behind. The lovely […]

Get your feet summer ready!


During last weekend’s Mediterranean weather, I found myself in my summer sandals looking in dismay at my very un-summery feet! After a long winter of thick socks and boots, they needed some serious TLC – so here’s what I did: Prep Start by sloughing off hard skin – I like to use a pumice stone […]

Multi-tasking products

Woman putting makeup lipstick

Like most women, I love a multi-tasking product – the more streamlined my handbag, the better. After Lacey Gattis, from online beauty bible Into the Gloss, revealed she uses our Echium & Argan Gentle Eye Cream as a matte lip primer – I’ve been on the hunt for some more space saving ideas to share. […]

3 ways to avoid a skin reaction


Following our eye-opening research about the prevalence of sensitive skin last week, I’ve put together my top three tips for avoiding reactions and keeping your skin calm and under control. 1. Understand common irritants Knowledge is power! If skin reactions are a common complaint you’ll want to avoid them as much as possible, so do […]

My top five Cleansing posts


To celebrate our amazing Cleanser promotion running this week, I’ve put together a shortlist of my most-read Cleansing blog posts. These cover everything from ingredients and what you should avoid in a Cleanser through to, how to turn your daily cleansing into spa-worthy experience! 1. How to turn your cleansing into an express facial 2. 5 […]

“The Cleanser that does it all”, Laura’s Cleanser Challenge


We’re six days in to our Say No To Squeaky Clean campaign and so many of you have already taken part in our Cleanser Challenge! If you’re stuck in a skincare rut or don’t think your current Cleansing regime’s working for you, join in and try our Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser for one […]

What are the most common detergents?


Following on from yesterday’s post about why sensitive skins should steer clear of detergents, today I’m focusing on what the most common detergents are. Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to remember and avoid all detergents as there are a huge number of them and most are a bit of a mouthful! Here’s a shortlist […]

Faith’s feedback after taking our Cleanser Challenge


This week we’re encouraging people to change their Cleansing routine and take our #PaiChallenge! Faith was one of our early testers and has kindly recorded her feedback after using only our Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser for one week. The results are pretty impressive… Most recently I was using (on rotation): REN Rosa Centifolia […]

Why sensitive skins should avoid detergents

hands covered with foam

I often talk about cleansers as ‘detergent-based’ or ‘detergent-free’ – but for our Say No to Squeaky Clean focus I thought I’d delve deeper into what that actually means and why detergents aren’t great for sensitive skin.  What is a detergent? Detergents found in beauty products aren’t the same as the detergents you put in […]

Say NO to squeaky clean!


For me, a great skincare regime starts with good cleansing – get it right and everything else will fall into place. By “good cleansing” I mean selecting a Cleanser that will help you achieve skin balance – which means no foam, alcohol or detergents! While you may be addicted to that “squeaky clean” feeling from […]