Adult Acne: I’m not a teenager, so why do I still get spots?


So many customers write to me frustrated with their adult acne and it seems to be hugely on the increase. One in five women are afflicted and I personally battled breakouts in my late 20s. Hormone imbalance tends to be the most common cause of acne amongst adults, but stress, poor diet and unsuitable beauty […]

Is turmeric the new sensitive skin saviour?

Turmeric root on white background

Turmeric isn’t something that springs to mind when thinking about skin soothing foods – I might reach for it when I’m making a curry, but not when my urticaria flares up! But according to the in-the-know foodies, we should be having a lot more of this brightly coloured plant root it in our diets. Why? It’s […]

Can Vitamin D help Acne and Eczema?


It’s well known that vitamin D plays a crucial role in skin health. Low levels affect all skin types, and can be particularly detrimental if you suffer from conditions linked to your immune system like eczema or urticaria. Last week, I got chatting to Kelly McCabe, a specialist dietitian and Founder of Eat and Think, […]

What are the most common detergents?


Following on from yesterday’s post about why sensitive skins should steer clear of detergents, today I’m focusing on what the most common detergents are. Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to remember and avoid all detergents as there are a huge number of them and most are a bit of a mouthful! Here’s a shortlist […]

What is Oil Pulling?

oil pulling

Now I know that the path to great skin can lead you to some pretty strange places, but even I screwed my face up when I first heard about Oil Pulling! This more unusual detox method has become more popular recently, particularly among London’s health and beauty gurus, so I wanted to find out more… […]

Urban Beauty Myths – debunked!

myth versus reality

There are some pretty ridiculous beauty myths out there – ranging from the believable to the completely bizarre! To help you separate fact from the fiction, here are the ones I get asked about most. 1. Myth: You should change your products every 6 months because your skin gets ‘used’ to them and they will […]

How can I get rid of acne scars?

How to get rid of acne scars?

For ex-acne sufferers, scars can be a persistent reminder of those pesky past blemishes. While acne scars can dent your skin confidence, the good news is there’s lots you can do to reduce their appearance. What do acne scars look like? Acne scars develop in areas where deep or cystic blemishes have been. Those with […]

Allergy Snapshot: Perioral Dermatitis


It’s been a while since my last Allergy Snapshot, but I’ve spoken to quite a few customers suffering with Perioral Dermatitis recently and it seems to be a condition there’s a lot of confusion about. What is Perioral Dermatitis? Perioral Dermatitis is a rash, usually characterised by small, raised, red bumps which develop around the […]

The Modern Illness: Adrenal Burnout


Question time – how many of you have your smart phones next to you right now? And sleep with them next to your bed? We live in a constantly ‘switched on’ society, and though we might not realise it our fast-paced lifestyles can really take a toll on our minds and bodies. Stress plays a […]

Dairy and your skin health


Thank you to everyone who got in touch following my dairy-free blog post last month. So many of you had amazing results after giving it up, while an equally large number saw no change at all – which just goes to show how different we all are! It seems to have raised more questions than […]