New research on the health risks of Phthalates


There’s been quite a bit of controversy regarding the safety of Phthalates for a while, but this week a landmark study by the World Health Organisation has linked them to a host of serious health concerns. To recap – Phthalates are a synthetic chemical commonly found in cosmetics and many other household items, notably those […]

Clean your beauty regime

Clean & Detox your Beauty Regime

January is the month of the Detox. A collective moment where we all decide to purge the guilt of festive indulgence by cleansing our bodies inside and out. While I don’t really believe in fad diets or crazy regimes, I do think the new year is a great time to break bad habits and embrace better […]

Boots brand banned over misleading organic labelling


Saw some interesting news over on Your Beauty Industry blog yesterday regarding the latest brand to be slapped on the wrist by the Advertising Standards Agency. Boots brand Little Me Organics has had an advertisement banned after the ASA held up a single complaint that said “claims that the product was ‘organic’ were misleading because they […]

Jessica Jones, Breast Cancer and Pai

Stella Front Page

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently you’d be hard pressed not notice that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month! While it’s great to see so many big name beauty brands raising money for cancer research charities, for me, the one voice that cuts through the sea of pink and really resonates is that of […]

‘Misleading’ Sanex Zero% shower gel ad banned


I’m sure many of you will have seen the Sanex Zero% television advertisement – you know the one where naked women are smearing luminous substances onto their bodies before applying a lovely ‘natural’ looking gel to their skin? The voiceover says, ‘We put so many different chemical ingredients onto our skin.’ ‘New Sanex Zero% contains […]

How to Read a Cosmetic Ingredients List

Ingredients List

With faux-organic beauty products taking over our shop shelves, learning how to spot a true organic beauty from a chemical imposter has never been more important. The key is in cracking their ingredients list, a feat often easier said than done. These lists can be difficult to decipher – what with the rolling microscopic text, […]

Sunscreens: The hidden dangers

I get a lot of enquiries about sun-
screens. It is difficult to create an 
SPF (sun protection factor) cream
 without the use of chemicals. As a
 general rule the higher the SPF the 
more chemicals used. A lot of the UVA/B chemical filters used
 in sunscreens are not only harsh skin 
irritants but some, like […]

Europe bans cosmetic companies from using Diethylene Glycol (DEG) and Phytonadione (Vitamin K)

The recent European Cosmetics Directive has finally outlawed Diethylene Glycol (DEG) and Phytonadion (Vitamin K1). About time too! Few cosmetic companies now use these ingredients… but some still do – even the odd organic one. Diethylene Glycol is a type of Glycerine or Glycerol that is poisonous to humans. It is often used in anti-freeze. […]

What is Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate?

Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate

Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate (rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?!) is a chemical preservative commonly found in “natural” cosmetics which helps prevent bacterial or fungal growth. A lot of customers have been turning to Pai as a result of severe reactions to this ingredient in other products, so I thought I’d put together a bit more information […]

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