Not all Soap is bad for your skin


Soap has always had a bad rap. The main criticisms of it are that it dries out the skin and strips your natural oils. In many cases that’s true, especially those of the more synthetic variety – and it’s fair to say I would never ever use one on my face! But for the body, [...]

Common skincare preservative linked to Eczema ‘epidemic’

Preservative linked to contact dermatitis

Over the weekend it was widely reported that a preservative commonly found in beauty products may be responsible for an eczema epidemic in the UK. The synthetic ingredient in question, methylisothiazolinone (MI), is permitted for use under European regulation but since 2005 is now allowed at much higher concentrations than ever before. Leading dermatologists are [...]

Hormones and Skin Allergies: My Experience


Skin allergies are complex and fickle beasts and can, quite literally, change with the weather! I’ve ‘managed’ Urticaria for over 12 years now and have gradually got to grips with what makes it better or worse. However, every now and again life throws up a new experience that teaches me something else about my skin and [...]

Dairy and your skin health


Thank you to everyone who got in touch following my dairy-free blog post last month. So many of you had amazing results after giving it up, while an equally large number saw no change at all – which just goes to show how different we all are! It seems to have raised more questions than [...]

‘Five a Day’ Focus: Sleep & Stress


A couple of weeks ago I touched on the amazing processes our skin goes through as we sleep – processes so amazing, that sleep and managing stress have made it into my Age Confidence Five A Day. A lack of sleep and high stress levels really take their toll on the body and prevent it [...]

Diet Focus: Dairy-Free


When it comes to problem skin, I’m a huge advocate of locating the source of the issue rather than masking it with products. More frequently than you would imagine, the root of many skin problems is internal – and can be treated through diet. I speak to customers on a daily basis who’ve transformed their [...]

How Muslin Cloths help improve Eczema

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 13.57.24

I had a really interesting conversation with a Pai customer this week which I thought might be worth sharing with anyone suffering with eczema. While she didn’t really have any eczema patches on the face, she did suffer really badly on the body – a good skin day for her meant very dry, flakey skin [...]

5 ways to stay Body Beautiful this Winter


We all know winter can take its toll on our skin, but while we’re busy nourishing, strengthening and protecting our faces against the elements, it’s important not to forget about our bodies too. For sensitive skin sufferers in particular, cool temperatures, rampant central heating and irritating fabrics can mean much more uncomfortable skin at this time [...]

Is waxing bad for sensitive skin?

Is waxing bad for sensitive skin?

To wax or not to wax, that is the question – particularly at this time of year when warm weather and Summer holidays mean more flesh is on show! But as well as being very irritating on sensitive skin (Eczema and Psoriasis sufferers are encouraged to avoid it all together), waxing can also be quite unhygienic. [...]

Seasonal skincare swaps

Holiday concept

As with all things in nature, our skin changes with the seasons. Varying temperatures, moisture levels and sun exposure all have to be adapted to and supported by our skincare products. Failure to listen to your skin’s ever-changing needs can throw the skin out of balance, causing increased sensitivity, dryness or breakouts. We’re not talking [...]