8 things to do with your muslin cloth


I have amassed so many old muslins over the years and can never bear to throw them away – I’m a terrible hoarder! If your cloths are starting to pile up, here are my pointers for reusing and recycling them. 1. Everyday Gentle Exfoliation Using your muslin cloth to remove your Camellia & Rose Gentle […]

Very Dry & Mature Skin Guide

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 17.11.05 copy

What you need to know about your skin As we age our sebum production naturally decreases, so mature skin can often become very dry. This can make fine lines more noticeable while also leaving the skin a little dull or lacklustre. What type of ingredients should I look for in my products? Replenishing: Very dry and […]

How do I get rid of an ingrown hair?


Ingrown hairs often pop up out of nowhere and can be a real pain! As well as being unsightly, the small red bumps can be uncomfortable and in some instances can scar if you don’t deal with them correctly. What is an ingrown hair? An ingrown hair is one that hasn’t emerged from the hair […]

Winter SOS – Solutions to your Skin Problems

Winter Skin SOS

Our skin changes with each season, but in Winter more often that not it’s for the worse. Cold weather, central heating and a poorer diet than normal (comfort eating!) distress the skin, sending it into a state of SOS. If your skin’s crying out for help, here are my top tips for beating Winter’s most […]

How to turn your Cleansing routine into an Express Facial

Home Facial

If your skin’s in need of a pick-me-up, try extending your evening Cleansing routine into a 3-step hot cloth treatment. All you need is your Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser, an Organic Muslin Cloth, and five minutes of you-time! Step 1 Massage a generous layer of cream cleanser into clean dry skin, and leave […]

Protect as you polish with the NEW Kukui & Jojoba Bead Skin-Brightening Exfoliator


I’m delighted to announce that now even the most sensitive of skin types can reap the radiant rewards of exfoliation, with absolutely no risk of irritation! During our quest to create the gentlest, most effective Exfoliator for sensitive skin, we found that over half of you tend to avoid Exfoliators for fear of reaction. Well, […]

Summer’s here, but do you dare to bare?

Summer skin

This weekend’s set to be a scorcher, but if you’re anything like me then you might not feel quite ready to flash some flesh! Boost your skin confidence this summer by following our top three body beautiful tips. 1.    Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate.   Every month our body produces a whole new layer of skin. If […]

Top tips for killer legs


After seeing Jennifer Lopez’s great pins splashed all over the web yesterday I thought it was high time I sorted mine out. Cold weather, central heating and hiding underneath all those layers can leave legs feeling scaly, tight, and let’s face it, a little furry! But with the weather looking up and the weekend’s parties […]

Why muslin cloths should be an essential part of your skincare regime


I get a lot of questions about the benefits of using a muslin cloth in your daily skincare routine. Why are muslin cloths so effective? 1. They have a gentle exfoliating action that leaves skin super clean and smooth. 2. They help to remove any lasting residues of dirt or make-up without scratching the skin. […]

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