Spotlight series: Sun spots, Age spots & Liver spots

Sun Spots

First things first, let’s dispel a skincare myth – sun spots, age spots and liver spots are actually all the same thing! I tend to refer to the flat, brown, freckle-like blemishes as sun spots – as they are primarily caused by sun damage or overexposure to ultra violet light. As a result, sun spots […]

What are dark circles & how can you get rid of them?

What are Dark Circles?

For a long time we weren’t quite sure why dark circles occurred, with potential causes ranging from smoking, a lack of Vitamin K, a lack of iron (anaemia) and lack of sleep. While all these and more (including allergies, age and menstruation) may well ring true, dermatologists now think that dark circles arise as a […]

What exactly are wrinkles and can you do anything to prevent them?

What are wrinkles?

While I happen to think the signs of ageing are not as devilish as the beauty industry would have you believe – it’s no secret that most women would prefer to be without wrinkles for as long as they can. But what exactly are these little lines? Without getting too sciencey, the skin is made […]

Introducing NEW Pai BioAffinity Tonics


I am delighted to announce the arrival of Pai’s most innovative skincare solution to date: the BioAffinity Tonic. Until now, toners have commonly consisted of an irritating alcohol base or inert floral water with few skin benefits. However, thanks to revolutionary High Frequency extraction technology Pai’s BioAffinity Tonics harness the incredible skin-benefitting powers of complete […]

How to handle Menopausal skin


After the steady run of relatively obedient adult skin, the Menopause can often feel like hitting the rollercoaster of puberty all over again. As our hormones swing out of balance, so does our skin. For around 2 years between the ages of 45 – 55, 80% of women will regularly experience hot flushes, insomnia, aggravated […]

Thread veins: What are they and how can I get rid of them?


Thread veins, or telangiectasia, are tiny veins that have dilated just under the skin’s surface. They are more common in women, thanks to our hormones, and can become increasingly apparent as we age.   While one in five women in their 20s suffers from thread veins, they affect roughly half of women over 50. This […]

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