Oils vs. Creams: What’s the difference?

beauty cream

In the last few years Facial Oils have taken the beauty world by storm, and it’s been fantastic to see so many people incorporate them into their regimes. With a host of amazing organic Oils available, it can be easy to become a dedicated fan – and leave more traditional Face Creams behind. The lovely […]

Foodie Friday: Cooking with coconut oil

Close-up of coconut oil on the wooden spoon

Last week I popped into Turnham Green Health Food store and got chatting about healthy cooking options with the lovely Holly. One ingredient that’s been recommended by a lot of nutritionists recently is Coconut Oil – so I was really interested to hear Holly extolling its benefits too. Apparently it’s full of healthy fats, is […]

Great British Brand: Good Hemp Food


Last week I discovered another great British brand I wanted to share with you all – Devon based, Good Hemp Food. As regular readers will know, I am a huge fan of Hemp Seed Oil and believe that it’s the absolute best source of EFA (Essential Fatty Acids). Read more about why here. Good Hemp […]

Join the Age Confidence revolution!

More beautiful

Here at Pai our mission has always been to help those with sensitive skin regain skin confidence. This Spring, we’re widening our focus – turning our attention to all the women out there lacking in age confidence, and helping each one of you embrace your true beauty at every age. How you feel about your […]

Miranda Kerr reveals her skincare secret…

Miranda Kerr Rosehip Oil

If the gorgeous Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr swears by something it must be worth investigating right?! In a recent interview with Bella Sugar magazine, the organic beauty revealed that the one products she can’t live without is Rosehip oil. Miranda says, ‘As a minimum I like to do a 3-step Cleanse, Toner and Moisturise…and […]

Rosehip BioRegenerate named Best Facial Serum by METRO

Metro names Rosehip BioRegenerate oil Best Facial Serum

Well our Rosehip BioRegenerate oil has certainly been getting around this week! First it popped up in Easy Living, then Hello! magazine and today Metro – in which it was named one of the Best Facial Serums around by a panel of beauty experts. Of our now cult facial oil, Metro says: ‘Pai Skincare Rosehip […]

Hello! names Rosehip BioRegenerate oil best for dry skin

Hello! Magazine names Rosehip BioRegenerate oil best for dry skin

Hello! magazine‘s annual Winter Beauty Book would not be complete without a dedicated feature on the must-have beauty product of 2012 – the oil. Health and Beauty Editor and resident expert Nadine Baggott says: ‘According to a growing number of dermatologists, beauty therapists and facialists, the key to plump, hydrated and healthy skin is not […]

Facial Oils – how to know when yours has gone ‘rancid’

Facial Oil

Just as we often drink ‘corked’ wines, many of us are using oxidised oils that are not quite at their best. Here’s how to tell when your facial oil has gone rancid. The beauty industry is in the throws of an oil addiction. Facial oils are every beauty editor’s must-have for 2011, and, unfortunately, these […]

Why cold-pressed isn’t always best – meet the ‘super oils’!


For many years cold-pressing has been the most common way to extract organic oils, and you’ll often hear brands singing its praises. What is cold-pressing? Cold-pressed oil is obtained through pressing and grinding fruit or seeds with the use of stainless steel presses. The raw plant material is placed between horizontal plates which are drawn […]

Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate oil featured in the Irish Examiner


We’ve had yet more Irish press attention over the weekend, which also happened to tie in with our very successful stint at Dublin’s Rude Health Show! Thank you to Beaut.ie’s Kirsty McDermott for picking our Rosehip BioRegenerate oil as one of the top natural products on the market. Kirsty says, ‘Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate is a […]

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