Organic really is better!

Organic market fruits and vegetables

A new study came out recently revealing what I’ve always figured. That organically grown crops are better for you – not so surprising! The Newcastle University study is the most up-to-date and extensive investigation into the nutrient content of organic crops, in comparison to non-organic crops, collating results of more studies than ever before. The […]

Our Christmas Collections have arrived!

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This year’s Christmas Collections have landed, and they’re even more beautiful than ever! I absolutely love how elegantly simple they are. Each Limited Edition hand-picked Collection is decorated with a bespoke botanical design, created exclusively for Pai by British artist William Watson West. Built around my favourite organic ingredients, the designs represent the actives at […]

Pai’s Breast Cancer & Beauty Event

The Haven & Pai Skincare Artwork

Take a trip to your local beauty hall this month and you’ll notice everything has taken on a pink hue… October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, an annual focus on the most common form of cancer amongst women. Rather than launch a ‘pink’ Pai product of our own, this year I wanted to do something […]

Pai try out a Natural Makeup Lesson at Content

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Here at Pai HQ we like to think we have organic skincare down to a tee, but organic make-up – we’re not so clued up on. Keen to expand our beauty horizons, we sent our PR & Marketing Assistant Flo to our favourite boutique Content for a natural make-up lesson with make-up artist Lou Dartford. Here’s her run […]

Organic Heroes: Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser


Say hello to my most-used cleanser… I have used it on stressed-out skin, almost-breaking-out skin, hot skin, tired skin and early morning still-asleep skin; it has suited every occasion.   – Ruth Crilly, A Model Recommends As it’s Organic September I thought I’d share an ode to Pai’s bestselling product – our Camellia & Rose Gentle […]

Why I choose organics: Lou Dartford


For our second Organic September guest post I caught up with organic makeup meastro Lou Dartford to find out why she chooses organic. Why do you choose organic? I believe that organic products are one of our best options in today’s modern world. Not just for our personal health and wellbeing but for that of […]

Great British Brand: Good Hemp Food


Last week I discovered another great British brand I wanted to share with you all – Devon based, Good Hemp Food. As regular readers will know, I am a huge fan of Hemp Seed Oil and believe that it’s the absolute best source of EFA (Essential Fatty Acids). Read more about why here. Good Hemp […]

Clean your beauty regime

Clean & Detox your Beauty Regime

January is the month of the Detox. A collective moment where we all decide to purge the guilt of festive indulgence by cleansing our bodies inside and out. While I don’t really believe in fad diets or crazy regimes, I do think the new year is a great time to break bad habits and embrace better […]

What is the difference between Dry and Dehydrated skin?

Woman with question marks on a blackboard

Personally, I think “dehydrated” is one of the most overused words in the beauty industry – particularly when it comes to facialists! However, knowing the real difference between dry and dehydrated skin is really important and should heavily influence the products you choose – particularly going into winter. On a basic level, “Dry skin” is […]

It takes two: Why a Cream and Oil is best in battle against Stretch Marks


One of the things that makes our new Pomegranate & Pumpkin Seed Stretch Mark System so unique is that it combines two essential forms of nourishment: a Cream and an Oil. While most women usually opt for one or other product, leading London skincare expert Paul Banwell explains why it’s best to double-up: “The key […]