Is water bad for my skin?


When you have sensitive skin, everything has the potential to become an irritant. Everything that is, except water – right? In recent months, a growing number of reports have suggested that water may be harmful to sensitive skin. Given the many variations in tap water and bottled water, these claims are difficult to prove. But […]

Why do I blush so much?


Everyone blushes from time to time, but for some of us it can be a daily occurrence – sometimes to the point of becoming a source of anxiety and embarrassment, flaring up at the most unfortunate times and feeling horribly noticeable to those around you. Worse still, there is nothing you can do to stop […]

Sober October


We might avoid alcohol in our skincare, but a little teetotalism has its own benefits as Sophie, Office Manager at Pai HQ, has found while taking part in ‘Sober October’: “The last few months have seen endless summer weddings and milestone birthdays, and I thought I might just benefit from a month of total alcohol ‘detox’. I don’t tolerate alcohol […]

The most common skincare questions – answered!


To celebrate the launch of our extended customer service hours and live chat facility, Kirsti and Helen, our in-house skin care experts are answering your most common questions… 1. Can I use Rosehip Oil twice a day?   Our Rosehip Oil is super concentrated due to the expertly sourced and formulated ingredients plus unique CO2 […]

What is Rosacea and how can I treat it?


Sensitive skin can be particularly susceptible to temperature variations, with Rosacea the most common skin complaint developing as a result. Very cold weather interspersed with blasts of hot, dry central heating can wreak havoc on Rosacea-prone skin can causes flare-ups. Equally humid, sunny weather can also be a trigger – understanding what causes your skin […]

Which Chamomile extract is best for the skin?


Famed for its soothing properties, Chamomile is one of the most popular cosmetic ingredients for sensitive skin. But not all chamomiles are created equal; are you using the most effective extract? A bit of background Chamomile is named after the Greek words chamos (‘ground’) and milos (‘apple’), so can be thought of as a ground […]

Diet focus: Why go dairy-free?


When it comes to problem skin, I’m a huge advocate of locating the source of the issue rather than masking it with products. More frequently than you would imagine, the root of many skin problems is internal – and can be treated through diet. I speak to customers on a daily basis who’ve transformed their […]

Could Rosacea be caused by face mites?


Some of you may have seen reports of the slightly strange findings uncovered in recent Rosacea studies.   For those that haven’t – prepare to be bemused! As with many skin allergies, doctors are still in the dark as to what exactly causes Rosacea in the 3% of the world’s sufferers. This month however, Irish scientists […]

Ingredients to avoid if you have Rosacea

Rosacea irritants

I’ve written about Rosacea plenty of times – ingredients to avoid, the effects of diet, environmental triggers etc. But the message is far more interesting coming from Rosacea sufferers themselves. According to the National Rosacea Society, 41% of 1,066 patients surveyed said that certain skincare products aggravated their condition. Here are the top 6 skincare […]

Sex & The City’s Cynthia Nixon speaks out about Rosacea

Cynthia Nixon Rosacea

With the pressure on celebrities to have picture-perfect skin as intense as it is, it was so refreshing to see Cynthia Nixon speak out about her Rosacea last week. Like many women, Cynthia did not start to experience problem skin until her early 40s, when she broke out in angry red spots across her face. […]

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