Sober October


We might avoid alcohol in our skincare, but a little teetotalism has its own benefits as Sophie, Office Manager at Pai HQ, has found while taking part in ‘Sober October’: “The last few months have seen endless summer weddings and milestone birthdays, and I thought I might just benefit from a month of total alcohol ‘detox’. I don’t tolerate alcohol […]

Watchdog investigates MI in beauty products

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 16.08.43 copy

Lots of you have been in touch following last night’s BBC Watchdog investigation into the presence of Methylisothiazolinone (MI) in popular cosmetic products. (link) The programme was a great follow up to the story we commented on back in July, which revealed that a rise in the presence and concentration of MI in leading personal care […]

Is fake tan suitable for sensitive skin?


With the joy of warmer weather comes the dread of having to bare my pasty pins which haven’t seen the light of day in far too long! Many turn to the trusty fake-tan to fake that bronzed glow but sadly it turns me a fiery red rather than the desired golden brown. I frequently hear […]

Make-up Tips for over 50s


As part of our Age Confidence campaign, I was lucky enough to catch up with internationally renowned make-up artist, Debbie Gallagher, and quiz her on her top make-up tips for looking fabulous over fifty. As well as photo shoots for ID, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and InStyle, Debbie has also worked with big names like, Jessie J, […]

How to beat Crow’s Feet


So, you’ve got your three step facial skincare regime in place – but what about those extra essentials? Many people see Eye Cream as a non-necessity or splurge product and fail to use one daily. For me, Eye Cream is a core part of my daily regime (I apply at night) and one that makes […]

How to treat Mosquito Bites: Are there any truths in the Old Wives Tales?


The Summer holidays are here, which for many will mean jetting off to sunnier climes. You’ll probably come back with a nice tan, a souvenir or two, and if you’re anything like me, a fair few mosquito bites! Now I’ve heard many an old wives tale about how to prevent bites. Here are few of […]

Ingredients to avoid if you have Rosacea

Rosacea irritants

I’ve written about Rosacea plenty of times – ingredients to avoid, the effects of diet, environmental triggers etc. But the message is far more interesting coming from Rosacea sufferers themselves. According to the National Rosacea Society, 41% of 1,066 patients surveyed said that certain skincare products aggravated their condition. Here are the top 6 skincare […]

Make-up for sensitive skin: products to watch out for

Make-up tips for Sensitive Skin

A couple of weeks ago while playing around on Facebook and Twitter I happened to mention I’d be blogging about make-up tips for sensitive skin, and my feed went crazy! It seems so many of you, sensitive skinned or not sensitive skinned, have suffered a reaction to a mainstream make-up product. Strange then that there […]

How to Patch Test new products and why you always should!

Patch Test products for sensitive skin

As you know, here at Pai we are all about caring for your super-sensitive skin. While we create our gentle yet effective organic products without irritants, we still always recommend that new customers Patch Test products before they introduce them into their daily beauty regime. Patch Testing ensures your new product suits your sensitive skin, […]

Back to Basics: Why stripped back skincare is best for sensitive skin

Simple Skincare Regime

OK so imagine the scene – your super-sensitive skin is flaring up and you don’t know why. So you reach for the most “calming” product you can find, which doesn’t immediately help, so you apply another, then another, then another…. I’ve been there. When you have unpredictable skin the huge temptation is to amass a […]

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