Your skincare questions answered


For those of you who missed our skin concerns web chat with Sarah back in May – here’s a round up of everything we discussed. 1. What’s the best way to deal with acne and prevent aging? 2. How can I avoid pulling the skin around my eyes when removing mascara with your cleaner and […]

‘Five A Day’ Focus: Oil & pH Balance


Achieving skin balance is key to taking control of problem skin. Skin balance refers to an even pH and oil production, and is affected by products, diet, stress and lifestyle. Unbalanced skin experiences oiliness, dryness, breakouts and reactions, whilst balanced skin is calm, clear and comfortable – here’s how to achieve it: Give your skin […]

Skin Confidence ‘Five a Day’

Natural beauty

As regular readers will know – for me, truly radiant skin is about more than just great products. The key lies in embracing a ‘healthy skin’ lifestyle – that takes all determining factors behind skin health into account. I’ve broken these down into five simple categories. If your skin is ever playing up then it […]

Meet the Ingredients that will bring you Age Confidence


As always – discovering and sourcing the highest quality, results-driven ingredients the organic world has to offer was the first step on the path to creating our new Echium and Amaranth Age Confidence Facial Oil. This time round, the biggest challenge for our formulation team lay in choosing what to leave out! There are so […]

Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil vs. Age Confidence Oil


There’s a new oil on the block, and it promises to bring you Age Confidence. Die hard Rosehip BioRegenerate oil fans – fear not, there’s room for two loves in your skincare life! Here’s how our two super Oils differ from one another, and when you should use each. We’d recommend applying both Oils at […]

How to Patch Test new products and why you always should!

Patch Test products for sensitive skin

As you know, here at Pai we are all about caring for your super-sensitive skin. While we create our gentle yet effective organic products without irritants, we still always recommend that new customers Patch Test products before they introduce them into their daily beauty regime. Patch Testing ensures your new product suits your sensitive skin, […]

Miranda Kerr reveals her skincare secret…

Miranda Kerr Rosehip Oil

If the gorgeous Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr swears by something it must be worth investigating right?! In a recent interview with Bella Sugar magazine, the organic beauty revealed that the one products she can’t live without is Rosehip oil. Miranda says, ‘As a minimum I like to do a 3-step Cleanse, Toner and Moisturise…and […]

Five ways to brighten your skin from the inside and out

Brighten Skin from the Outside and In

While make-up looks come and go, a bright, clear and dewy complexion will never be off-trend. Here are my top five tips for maintaining a healthy glow all year round: 1. Perfect Polishing Every 3-4 weeks our skin replaces its tired old cells with bright shiny new ones. Make sure these are right at the […]

How to boost your daily skincare regime with simple massage techniques

facial massage

For many, facial massage is reserved for the spa or salon, rarely finding its way into our own bathroom. While I’m incredibly selective about the products I use, choosing those that are tailored to my skin’s unique needs, I’m nowhere near as selective about the way I apply them. That is, until now! Ever since […]

Protect as you polish with the NEW Kukui & Jojoba Bead Skin-Brightening Exfoliator


I’m delighted to announce that now even the most sensitive of skin types can reap the radiant rewards of exfoliation, with absolutely no risk of irritation! During our quest to create the gentlest, most effective Exfoliator for sensitive skin, we found that over half of you tend to avoid Exfoliators for fear of reaction. Well, […]

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