The Soil Association campaign for clarity in beauty


In recent years, “organic” has become a buzzword in the beauty industry. This upswing in interest is brilliant, but unfortunately the natural and organic claims being made by many brands just don’t stand up to scrutiny. Unlike organic food, there are currently no legal standards for organic labelling in beauty and some companies are taking […]

Panorama tackles the question of GM farming


I’m sure I wasn’t alone in tuning into Monday’s BBC Panorama episode about GM crops and farming. It was great to see the Chief Executive of the Soil Association, Helen Browning, weigh into the debate – arguing the case for non-GM. Helen made the Soil Association’s concerns very clear: GM crops have already degraded 25-40% […]

The rise of organics: Exciting news from the Soil Association report


News just in – the new Soil Association report on the rise of organic sales makes for really encouraging reading! There has been a growth in sales of organic health and beauty products since 2010. A sudden increase of 17% from 2012 – 2013 was looking promising, but the newest stats reveal that sales rose […]

Organic really is better!

Organic market fruits and vegetables

A new study came out recently revealing what I’ve always figured. That organically grown crops are better for you – not so surprising! The Newcastle University study is the most up-to-date and extensive investigation into the nutrient content of organic crops, in comparison to non-organic crops, collating results of more studies than ever before. The […]

The Soil Association speaks out against organic imposters


Yesterday’s article in the Daily Mail names and shames Boots and Nivea for making false organic claims. Reporting on recent research done by the UK Soil Association, they examined products from a number of beauty brands making organic claims and found many to contain synthetic ingredients such as methylisothiazolinone (a particularly nasty preservative). There are […]

Is your skincare Genetically Modified?

GM Crop

We love how ingredients savvy Pai customers are – and one question we’re often asked is whether Pai products contains any Genetically Modified extracts. While we’re all very familiar with the concept of GM foods, it’s a process that’s rarely connected with the beauty industry. However there are various cosmetic ingredients that can come from […]

Skin Resolutions

New Year 2012

The advent of a New Year is always a great time to make some skin resolutions for the months ahead, particularly if, like me, you’ve been over-indulging during the festive season! Drinking alcohol and eating foods rich in refined sugar and low grade animal fats can lead to breakouts and a dull, congested complexion. Feeling […]

Know your Organic Certification Standards


Organic September is here and brings with it a raft of fabulous opportunities to delve deeper into the green world of natural & organics. While I’m forever extolling the importance of buying certified organic skin care products (read my previous post to find out why), I haven’t really discussed the differences between the main organic […]

Daily Mail talks Organics and Rosacea

Daily Mail

The Daily Mail has been talking Pai’s language this week with two features on subjects very close to our heart. Alice Hart-Davies began the week with her exposé piece entitled ‘The organic myth: The label says organic but how ‘natural’ are the products you’re forking out for?’ The article points out that while in the […]

Industry body reveals beauty brands do not live up to ‘natural claims’

Organic Monitor

Organic Monitor, the research body that specialises in the organics industry, has this month released a report assessing the truth behind ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ cosmetics claims. What natural and organic brands are making the grade? looks at the growing trend for ‘natural’ products, and the influx of big beauty brands trying to cheat their way […]

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