The science behind meditation


Having shed its “hippy” image, meditation now enjoys its status as a medically endorsed complementary therapy. Originally practiced to help deepen understanding of the sacred and mystical forces of life, meditation nowadays is typically used for relaxation and stress reduction. Its effectiveness has become widely regarded; some of the biggest and most innovative companies incorporate […]

How to stop scratching


Anyone who has eczema, psoriasis or urticaria will have experienced the burning, uncontrollable and completely overwhelming urge to itch! Having had hives, I’ve woken up in the middle of the night ready to tear my skin off. While scratching can be one of the worst things you can do for your skin – when you’re […]

Could spirulina be aggravating your skin?


In a bid to keep cold at bay this winter, I made an addition to my supplement arsenal. I started taking Spirulina – the immune boosting, nutrient-rich super-food. But soon afterwards, I started noticing that my urticaria was flaring up more than usual. My sudden outbreak made me think. What had I changed in my […]

The link between stomach bacteria and skin


Regular readers of my blog will know that I am forever urging skin allergy sufferers to seek advice from a nutritionist and naturopath – to help them manage (or for a lucky few) eradicate their condition through diet. I don’t consider myself to have a delicate stomach, nor do I have a wheat or dairy […]

Hormones and Skin Allergies: My Experience


Skin allergies are complex and fickle beasts and can, quite literally, change with the weather! I’ve ‘managed’ Urticaria for over 12 years now and have gradually got to grips with what makes it better or worse. However, every now and again life throws up a new experience that teaches me something else about my skin and […]

My Salicylate-Free diet, avoiding the foods that make me itch

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It’s been a while since I talked about Salicylates (two years to be precise! Could salicylate sensitivity be causing your skin allergy?) but nevertheless I have been conscious of their effects on my skin. During the Winter hibernation months I’ve been a little lax about my diet and have definitely noticed my Urticaria worsen as […]

Easy Living & me! Difficult Skin Made Easy

Easy Living Jan 2012

‘A sudden flare-up of rashes and adult acne led Sarah Brown to seek her own solutions. Her search resulted in the launch of a now cult brand – and a glowing complexion to boot’ A huge thank you to all the Pai fans old and new who have been in touch since reading my interview […]

Are you allergic to your washing powder?

Allergic to your Washing Powder?

Sensitive skin sufferers galore are irritated by the chemicals in most washing powders. Here are my top tips for choosing and using sensitive suds. I’m feeling a little sore today after putting on a freshly washed pair of PJs last night and instantly breaking out in an unbearably itchy bout of hives. A dash for […]

Skin Allergy Snapshots: Urticaria


Over 70% of Pai customers suffer from some kind of skin allergy or sensitivity. As well as being uncomfortable and distracting, skin allergies can also seriously dent our confidence. With this is mind, I thought I’d start a blog series that deals with common skin complaints. I’ll discuss their symptoms and causes as well as […]

Quercitin – the natural anti-histamine


As a long term sufferer of urticaria I’m only too familiar with anti-histamine drugs, although I choose not to take them any more. Recently I’ve been researching a natural anti-histamine called Quercitin and testing it out. Quercitin is a plant-derived ‘flavonol’ – a particular type of flavenoid – which has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. […]

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