Winter Skin Woes


I love winter – I can’t get enough of roaring fires, comforting meals and bracing walks, but I really don’t love what winter does to my skin! Winter is tough on all skin types, the combination of cold winds, cranked up central heating and low humidity all take their toll – but particularly on skin […]

My Secret Winter Weapons for boosting the immune system


We’re now into the fourth week of January and one of my New Year’s resolutions is still going strong(ish).  We won’t talk about the others. January is always a really important month for me in my quest for better health. Why? Because in December I always get ill.  I can’t actually remember a Christmas Day when […]

Why do we get ill during winter?


As soon as the mercury drops, the sounds of coughs, splutters and sniffles simultaneously rise! We all expect to pick up a cold or two, even flu, during the winter months – but why? What makes our bodies more susceptible to illness in winter and what can we do to prevent it? Is it the […]

Winter SOS – Solutions to your Skin Problems

Winter Skin SOS

Our skin changes with each season, but in Winter more often that not it’s for the worse. Cold weather, central heating and a poorer diet than normal (comfort eating!) distress the skin, sending it into a state of SOS. If your skin’s crying out for help, here are my top tips for beating Winter’s most […]

5 ways to stay Body Beautiful this Winter


We all know winter can take its toll on our skin, but while we’re busy nourishing, strengthening and protecting our faces against the elements, it’s important not to forget about our bodies too. For sensitive skin sufferers in particular, cool temperatures, rampant central heating and irritating fabrics can mean much more uncomfortable skin at this time […]

New Royal Jasmine & May Chang Replenishing Body Oil


Meet our most luxurious Pai Skincare product yet! This week sees the launch of our second body product – the beautifully scented and wonderfully nourishing Royal Jasmine & May Chang Replenishing Body Oil. This exquisite Oil was first developed for our Tranquility Gift Set last Christmas. Ever since then, we’ve been continuously asked to introduce […]

What SAD? 5 reasons to love Autumn!


  Last year I blogged about Seasonal Affective Disorder – a very real condition that can cause physical and emotional dips in line with the declining weather. This year however I’m taking a glass half full approach to the changing seasons, and have come up with 5 reasons why we should all welcome Autumn and Winter! […]

Is my skin dry or dehydrated?

Woman with question marks on a blackboard

Personally, I think “dehydrated” is one of the most overused words in the beauty industry. However, knowing the real difference between dry and dehydrated skin is really important and should heavily influence the products you choose – particularly as we move towards cooler weather. On a basic level, “Dry skin” is a skin type – […]

Seasonal skincare swaps

Holiday concept

As with all things in nature, our skin changes with the seasons. Varying temperatures, moisture levels and sun exposure all have to be adapted to and supported by our skincare products. Failure to listen to your skin’s ever-changing needs can throw the skin out of balance, causing increased sensitivity, dryness or breakouts. We’re not talking […]

Why January is the best time to get a Facial

The Gloss Jan 2012

Pai fans over on the Emerald Isle may have seen my interview in this month’s issue of The Gloss. Beauty Editor Sarah Halliwell’s fantastic Tried & Tested feature on Ireland’s best facials focusses specifically on their benefits for winter skin. As a sensitive skin sufferer I know that a concoction of seasonal stresses mean my […]

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