Signs Of Ageing

Signs of Ageing

Each product in our Age Confidence range delivers a super-charged dose of vitamins, nutrients and essentially fatty acids to enhance skin at every age.

Think of them as one of your five a day. Together with a good diet, rest, and minimal skin stress, these gentle effective formulas will help you achieve a beautiful, healthy complexion to be truly confident in.

At Pai, we believe that beauty has no age limit.

Rather than choosing quick-fix products that can irritate the skin, select those that strengthen and support it.

Each of our expert formulations is designed to meet the unique needs of sensitive skin showing signs of ageing.

As well as restoring your skin to its most supple and radiant, additional antioxidants also help protect skin against damaging environmental forces.

Recommended regime

Healthy skin is radiant skin, so use a regime that provides your skin with everything it needs and nothing it doesn't.

Our core ingredients of Echium, Amaranth and Rose have been carefully selected to deliver the nutrients and oils that deplete naturally with age.

A gentle cleanse, regular moisturising, and replenishing night oils will keep your skin looking beautiful.


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