Gua Sha


How To Use Your Gua Sha

Cleanse followed by your usual serum, facial oil or moisturiser to provide a smooth base and reduce friction.

Glide the curved side of the Gua Sha along the jawline and chin up to the hairline. Then hold the skin to the side of your nose with one hand, use the other to work the Gua Sha below the cheekbones up to the ear, on each side.

When it comes to the eyes, tread gently. Roll the Gua Sha from the inside corner of the eye, along the undereye to the where the temples meet the hairline. Then along each brow bone and upwards from your eyebrows to the temples. When you get to the hairline at the end of any stroke, increase the pressure slightly and give an extra moment of tension-relieving massage here.

Lastly, the forehead. Hold down each eyelid – and then the skin between the brows– and with the other hand roll the Gua Sha from underneath the brow bone upwards to the hairline. Repeat each stroke on each area of the face around five times.

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