Which teas have the best health benefits?

I’m a big tea drinker, for me nothing is more relaxing that settling down with a cup of Earl Grey. I find a hectic day at the office can be broken up nicely by indulging in a hot cuppa and taking ten minutes to … [Read More...]


5 unexpected ways to use your BioAffinity Tonic

Our BioAffinity Tonics are a total skin staple here at Pai HQ; there’s never one far from reach! The best thing about them is their versatility. They’re one of the hardest working products in your regime and can be used in … [Read More...]

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How to maximise the shelf-life of your products

There’s always a temptation to bulk-purchase or regularly top-up stock of favourite beauty buys. Recently, lots of you have been asking about the best way to store Pai products. Here are my top tips to help keep your stash of … [Read More...]


Why you need a Digital Detox

How much of your time is spent staring at a screen? If you’re anything like me, your eyes are glued - or continuously flicking between electronic devices, throughout the day. The capabilities of smartphones have signalled the … [Read More...]


Tess Ward’s ultimate lunchbox recipe

We’re a foodie bunch here at Pai HQ and delight in checking out and being inspired by each other’s lunch options daily. However, we know we’re not alone in reaching the mid-week point and being unable to think of a single … [Read More...]


3 things about Eczema that just aren’t true

Eczema can be an upsetting, painful and very common skin condition - it’s estimated that up to 10% of children will experience it, but the majority of them (75%) “grow out of it” by their teens. That said, it’s not exclusive to … [Read More...]

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