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Spring clean your beauty routine

It’s official: the weather is hotting up and we’re emerging from hibernation! Here at Pai HQ we’re all delighting in ditching the heavy knit jumpers and thick socks.  Shifting our wardrobes from winter to summer has also got us … [Read More...]


How to eat more veg – without trying!

With the five-a-day mantra firmly on our minds, we all know that we should be getting more veg into our diets. That said, reality bites. The prospect of chowing down on a head of broccoli, or mountains of carrots day after day … [Read More...]


What are telomeres and what can they do for my skin?

At the ends of our chromosomes are strands of DNA. Often described as their ‘plastic shoelace tips’, telomeres bind them and protect our genetic data. Telomeres make it possible for our cells to divide without losing genes. … [Read More...]


Could worms protect against eczema?

Rates of allergies and associated conditions are on the rise - latest surveys show that up to 30-35% of people are affected worldwide. Initially, this increase was seen in countries such as the UK, Europe and USA, but can now be … [Read More...]


Celebrate Sibling Day & get your FREE Travel Set!

This weekend we're celebrating International Sibling Day with our favourite sister act, HEMSLEY+HEMSLEY and giving you the chance to share your skincare secret with your sister! This weekend only, pick up one of our gorgeous … [Read More...]


The ultimate at home facial guide

I am a big believer in taking time out of your day to look after your skin properly - I'm not talking about a 30 minute cleansing routine, just a good five minutes in the evening to care for your skin and allow yourself to … [Read More...]

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