My top five Cleansing posts

To celebrate our amazing Cleanser promotion running this week, I've put together a shortlist of my most-read Cleansing blog posts. These cover everything from ingredients and what you should avoid in a Cleanser through to, how … [Read More...]


“The Cleanser that does it all”, Laura’s Cleanser Challenge

We're six days in to our Say No To Squeaky Clean campaign and so many of you have already taken part in our Cleanser Challenge! If you're stuck in a skincare rut or don't think your current Cleansing regime's working for you, … [Read More...]


What are the most common detergents?

Following on from yesterday’s post about why sensitive skins should steer clear of detergents, today I’m focusing on what the most common detergents are. Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to remember and avoid all … [Read More...]


Faith’s feedback after taking our Cleanser Challenge

This week we’re encouraging people to change their Cleansing routine and take our #PaiChallenge! Faith was one of our early testers and has kindly recorded her feedback after using only our Camellia & Rose Gentle … [Read More...]

hands covered with foam

Why sensitive skins should avoid detergents

I often talk about cleansers as ‘detergent-based’ or ‘detergent-free’ - but for our Say No to Squeaky Clean focus I thought I’d delve deeper into what that actually means and why detergents aren't great for sensitive … [Read More...]

Cleanser Low Res

Upgrade to a 200ml Cleanser for FREE!

This Spring we’re cleaning up our cleansing routines and encouraging you to do the same! Say no to squeaky clean by throwing out your skin-stripping foaming face wash or alcohol-heavy make-up remover, and embrace healthy skin … [Read More...]

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