The most common skincare questions – answered!

To celebrate the launch of our extended customer service hours and live chat facility, Kirsti and Helen, our in-house skin care experts are answering your most common questions... 1. Can I use Rosehip Oil twice a day? … [Read More...]


Healthier summer cocktails

During the summer months, cocktails are traditionally our tipples of choice. That said, they tend to suffer a pretty bad reputation in the world of healthy living. The reason? Many of them are packed with sugar. Here at Pai HQ, … [Read More...]

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 11.37.06

Vacation vs. Staycation: Our favourite destinations

The English summer seems to be drawing to a close around us, but there’s still time for one last holiday excursion. The big question is: where will you go? Will you stay local and explore what’s on your doorstep or hop on a … [Read More...]


Three ways to have more energy each morning

Some mornings you just can’t face dragging yourself out of bed – we’ve all been there. But if you’re finding this is happening day in day out, you might need to tweak your everyday routine. Here’s how to increase your energy … [Read More...]

Sweaty back, neack and shoulders of caucasian woman working out

Is sweating good for your skin?

There’s nothing like that healthy glow when you leave the gym after a workout. Aside from enhancing your fitness levels, exercise releases those feel-good endorphins that control levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. It also … [Read More...]


Pai running diary: Week one

Today marked the first day of our new lunchtime run club here at Pai HQ! We’re lacing up our trainers in support of the amazing Haven Centre who support women during and after breast cancer. On September 6th, we’re taking … [Read More...]

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