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Our Anywhere Essentials Travel Collections have landed!

Travel can be tricky for sensitive skin types - especially if you don’t have your tried and tested skin staples with you. Using whatever’s to hand isn’t an option and massively throw your skin off balance, which is why I’m so … [Read More...]

Secluded location by the sea.

My top 5 summer holiday skincare sins to avoid

Chances are that like me, you’re looking forward to heading off on your summer holidays soon! When I enjoy some down-time with a good book and fun with family and friends, I’m always careful not to let my skincare regime … [Read More...]


How to prevent ageing on your neck

The neck – that poor neglected area that doesn’t quite fall into either our face or body care regimes. I was taking to a customer last week who desperately wanted to know how she could improve the skin on her neck, which gave … [Read More...]


What’s the fuss about fermented foods?

Little tip from me, it might be worth holding your nose before embracing the latest nutrition craze – fermented foods! Thanks to their ability to boost gut health, immunity and even improve skin, top nutritionists and health … [Read More...]


What we’ve been up to…

It’s been a busy few weeks at Pai HQ and on top of the normal day-to-day buzz, we’ve also been heading out to great events, attending some interesting talks and hatching exciting plans! Here’s a snapshot of what the team and I … [Read More...]


How Hay Fever affects your skin

If the runny noses at Pai HQ are anything to go by, the last few weeks haven’t been great for hay fever sufferers. Interestingly, some of the most common complaints I get at this time of year aren’t the straightforward side … [Read More...]

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