How to find balance in your lifestyle

We talk about balance a lot. Usually, this is about the importance of skin balance, but personally, I’m a big believer in maintaining balance in every area of life. We only have to take a quick browse of social media to see the … [Read More...]


Pai, Glam4Good and Michelle Obama!

Sometimes the smallest acts can make the biggest difference to people's lives - and Glam4Good, the non-profit organisation set up by Mary Alice Stephenson, does that with style! We were honoured to be involved … [Read More...]


How much Moisturiser should I use?

Whether it’s a pump a Cleanser, a dollop of Cream or a drop of Facial Oil - one of the most common questions we’re asked is… ‘”How much product should I be using?”. Whilst we’d love to be able to provide a ‘one-size fits all’ … [Read More...]


WIN your holiday skincare essentials #PaiTravels

Summer is here, which means it's officially holiday season! To celebrate, we've got 20 of our Anywhere Essentials Collections to give away - all you have to do is inspire us with your amazing travel … [Read More...]

Worried Businessman Sitting at His Desk

What is seborrheic dermatitis?

Suffering from red, aggravated skin that itches and occasionally burns? If it looks oily in appearance and regularly flakes, it could be seborrheic dermatitis. This common condition can be confused with eczema and psoriasis, … [Read More...]


Travel bucket list: 2015

Plotting, planning and reviewing holidays is one of our favourite conversation topics here at Pai HQ. Luckily, an ever-growing team means more opportunities to hear about great spots and hidden gems. Here are a few of our top … [Read More...]

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