Raw Halo Valentine’s Double Chocolate Cupcakes


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, ditch the sugary chocolates for this divine Raw Halo Double Chocolate Cupcake recipe by Meg, founder of artisan raw chocolate brand Raw Halo, and recipe blogger Kaja Bratvedt. Made with raw cacao, almond flour and drizzled with lots of melted Raw Halo chocolate, these are the perfect rich […]

5 Top Tips for glowing winter skin


Skin feeling as dull as a drizzly January morning? Winter can be particularly tough on sensitive skin. Here’s our top tips for maintaining healthy, glowing skin – even in the coldest months. Smooth and brighten Grey skies and dry skin can combine to create seriously dull skin – the last thing you want during winter! Regular […]

How do you de-stress?


When customers contact us with queries about inflammatory skin conditions, such as eczema, rosacea and acne, reducing stress is often our first piece of advice – often before we recommend a single product! These conditions often flare in tandem with our heightened emotions and you may find they worsen when you’re over-tired or stressed.  If meditation or […]

Sirtuins – what you need to know


Everyone’s talking about sirtuins (and some of us at Pai HQ have even bought books about them), but what are they? Hailed as the body’s secret weapon against inflammation and weight gain, new research has shown that these microscopic proteins can also help to prevent cell damage, regulate our metabolism – and even prolong life. […]

Good Habits from our wellbeing experts


Forget faddy diets and half-hearted resolutions – this year we’re focusing on the positive. We asked the founders of some of our favourite wellbeing brands (and including our very own Sarah!) which easily adopted habits they think can make the most difference to your health in 2016. Sarah Brown, founder of Pai Skincare, is keeping […]



January is synonymous with setting personal challenges; from learning a new language to giving up alcohol for ‘Dry January’. And, of course, there’s the perennial diet and lifestyle changes. This year, 50,000 people are expected to take part in Veganuary – giving up all animal produce for the month of January – with around half remaining […]

What do spots on my chin mean?


There’s few things more annoying than a stubborn spot and, if blemishes are persistently popping up in the same area of your face, it can be even more frustrating. While irritating products can contribute to skin flare ups, we’ve seen more than our fair share of cases that support the belief that our faces are a window to how […]

Tess Ward’s Sticky Toffee Pudding Recipe


We love a comforting winter pud, but we love them even more when they’re (almost) virtuous. Le Cordon Bleu trained chef, food writer and author, Tess Ward, shared her delicious Sticky Toffee Pudding recipe with us – and it’s the perfect festive treat. Made with dates, soft caramel sugar and melty coconut oil it is, […]

Nordic Spice Porridge from 26 Grains


Every week until Christmas we’ll be catching up with some of our favourite foodies, wellbeing and fitness gurus to find out what makes their Christmas. First up was Alex, founder of porridge hub 26 Grains. Got you in the mood for a warming bowl of porridge? Give her recipe for Nordic Spiced porridge a try. […]

The rise of ‘raw’ milk


Barely a week goes by without a new food trend emerging before being promptly disproven or forgotten…but some stick around a little longer. For some time now, celebrities, chefs, academics and nutritionists have raved about the health benefits and superior taste of unpasteurised, un-homogenised, full-fat, grass-fed milk. What is raw milk?  Raw milk, or unpasteurised milk, goes […]

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