Walk to work month: Why we should get moving


Last week was “Walk to Work Week” in the UK, a feature of ‘National Walking Month’ – Living Streets’ annual nationwide campaign to encourage us all to get moving! It’s official – us Brits are one of the most sedentary nations. It’s statistically showing that we’re desk and chair-bound from 9am until 5pm – at […]

Which teas have the best health benefits?


I’m a big tea drinker, for me nothing is more relaxing that settling down with a cup of Earl Grey. I find a hectic day at the office can be broken up nicely by indulging in a hot cuppa and taking ten minutes to unwind. Stepping out of the office, boiling the kettle, breathing in […]

Why you need a Digital Detox


How much of your time is spent staring at a screen? If you’re anything like me, your eyes are glued – or continuously flicking between electronic devices, throughout the day. The capabilities of smartphones have signalled the end of “me time”. Forget the papers or a good book; with the arrival of Wi-Fi on some […]

Tess Ward’s ultimate lunchbox recipe


We’re a foodie bunch here at Pai HQ and delight in checking out and being inspired by each other’s lunch options daily. However, we know we’re not alone in reaching the mid-week point and being unable to think of a single appetising thing for lunch! So we were pretty pleased when Le Cordon Bleu trained chef, […]

How to eat more veg – without trying!


With the five-a-day mantra firmly on our minds, we all know that we should be getting more veg into our diets. That said, reality bites. The prospect of chowing down on a head of broccoli, or mountains of carrots day after day could be enough to put anyone off. Here are some of our favourite […]

What are telomeres and what can they do for my skin?


At the ends of our chromosomes are strands of DNA. Often described as their ‘plastic shoelace tips’, telomeres bind them and protect our genetic data. Telomeres make it possible for our cells to divide without losing genes. Cell division is crucial for our bodies to grow new cells such as skin, bone and blood. Without […]

Our exclusive guided meditation with Nadia Narain


The skin and mind are inextrictably link – have a tough day and the first place it will show is your skin. At Pai, we understand the negative effects stress can have on unpredictable skin and know that minimising it is the first step to happy, healthy skin. To celebrate the launch of our new […]

The science behind meditation


Having shed its “hippy” image, meditation now enjoys its status as a medically endorsed complementary therapy. Originally practiced to help deepen understanding of the sacred and mystical forces of life, meditation nowadays is typically used for relaxation and stress reduction. Its effectiveness has become widely regarded; some of the biggest and most innovative companies incorporate […]

Super foods: supporting your skin as it ages


The saying is ‘you are what you eat’. I couldn’t agree more -especially when you’re seeking to maintain healthy skin! Using the right skincare products is just one part of the jigsaw. For a calm and radiant complexion you also need to look at the other pieces of the puzzle: diet, lifestyle and general well-being. […]

Could acupuncture help your skin?


Here at Pai, we’re always on the hunt for ways to minimise stress. And it seems we’re not alone! With Acupuncture Awareness Week (2nd – 8th March) in full flow, a brand new study by the British Acupuncture Council has revealed that more than half of the UK residents surveyed are more stressed than they were […]