Should I avoid coffee?


I’m not much of a coffee drinker but a recent article has got me thinking about the link between caffeine and skin. Coffee is the opinion-splitter of the health world, one minute it’s being slated, the next touted as the ultimate antioxidant or pre-workout booster (Google “bullet-proof” or “Paleo” coffee for evidence!). But what does […]

City-dwellers age 10% quicker


Many of you will have caught the front page story gracing the Sunday papers last weekend.  According to research conducted by Procter & Gamble, pollutants found in city air destroy proteins called keratins which help the skin to retain moisture.  To explain in more detail… Exposure to things like car exhaust causes free radicals to form in […]

Acne Series: Eat your way to clear skin


Diet can have a transformative effective – good and bad – on acne prone skin and there are lots of reasons for that. First up, some foods cause actual physiological changes in the body. These are the main culprits I’d suggest you cut back on if you’re struggling with blemishes or persistent breakouts. Refined sugar […]

The link between stomach bacteria and skin


Regular readers of my blog will know that I am forever urging skin allergy sufferers to seek advice from a nutritionist and naturopath – to help them manage (or for a lucky few) eradicate their condition through diet. I don’t consider myself to have a delicate stomach, nor do I have a wheat or dairy […]

Insider mini-break tips from the Pai team!


We’re a fairly international bunch here at Pai HQ, and a benefit of that is insider travel tips when you’re heading off on a mini-break! I’ve grilled some of the team for their top European mini-break tips incase you need some last minute bank holiday inspiration… Heading to Berlin?   Angelika: I always recommend visiting […]

Organic really is better!

Organic market fruits and vegetables

A new study came out recently revealing what I’ve always figured. That organically grown crops are better for you – not so surprising! The Newcastle University study is the most up-to-date and extensive investigation into the nutrient content of organic crops, in comparison to non-organic crops, collating results of more studies than ever before. The […]

How to eat well when you travel

IMG_0033 copy

With the launch of our gorgeous Anywhere Essentials Collections last week, conversation at Pai HQ has been covering every aspect of holidays, including how disgusting plane food is! With this in mind, I caught up with Tess Ward, Grazia’s food columnist and rising super-star chef, to get the low down on her favourite portable (and nutritious) […]

Is turmeric the new sensitive skin saviour?

Turmeric root on white background

Turmeric isn’t something that springs to mind when thinking about skin soothing foods – I might reach for it when I’m making a curry, but not when my urticaria flares up! But according to the in-the-know foodies, we should be having a lot more of this brightly coloured plant root it in our diets. Why? It’s […]

My top 5 summer holiday skincare sins to avoid

Secluded location by the sea.

Chances are that like me, you’re looking forward to heading off on your summer holidays soon! When I enjoy some down-time with a good book and fun with family and friends, I’m always careful not to let my skincare regime slide. Leaving your skincare regime on the tarmac as you jet off is especially troublesome […]

What’s the fuss about fermented foods?


Little tip from me, it might be worth holding your nose before embracing the latest nutrition craze – fermented foods! Thanks to their ability to boost gut health, immunity and even improve skin, top nutritionists and health foodies are singing the praises of kimchi, kombutcha, sauerkraut and pickles. It’s all about the good bacteria fermented […]