The 5 skin resolutions you should make today

New Year's Resolutions

Forget about quitting twelve food groups and becoming a professional athlete – I’m all about totally achievable resolutions this year. That said, the New Year is a great time to tweak your skincare routine and create good habits for the year ahead. So here are the five resolutions you should make today for healthier, happier, […]

Natural ways to fight a cold


It happens every year – the holidays arrive, and without fail I get struck down by a horrid cold! If you’re starting to suffer too, try these natural remedies to help boost your immune system and stop your cold in its tracks. Rest, sleep and rest some more! Rather than retiring to bed when your […]

2015: New Year, New Ukelele!


It is customary for a post today about all the New Year resolutions we’re supposed to be making. While I do believe it’s a good time to set goals, all this unattainable self improvement does get a bit tiresome. Lose weight, exercise more, eat better, drink less, no chocolate, no sugar, no coffee, sleep more, stress less….be […]

Gentle yoga for the holidays


It’s very tempting to enter total hibernation mode over Christmas – staying sofa-bound with a cup of tea and a good film. While Christmas should be all about relaxation, staying active will keep you feeling your best over the festive period. I caught up with our wonderful yoga teacher here at Pai HQ who has […]

5 ways to feel amazing over Christmas


What with the parties, mince pies, mulled wine and more mince pies – we can easily end up overindulging at this time of year. The rich food, sugar, stress, alcohol and central heating can start to take their toll. So, here are my five top tips to keep you healthy, happy and radiant throughout the festive […]

Exclusive HEMSLEY + HEMSLEY recipe


Looking for something super-simple but with a bit of “wow” factor this Christmas? You’re in luck! The lovely HEMSLEY + HEMSLEY sisters have shared their exclusive Beetroot and Goats Cheese Terrine recipe with us, and it’s easy enough to make while juggling kids, pets, presents wrapping, parties and the impending influx of relatives. Beetroot, Goats […]

Should I avoid coffee?


I’m not much of a coffee drinker but a recent article has got me thinking about the link between caffeine and skin. Coffee is the opinion-splitter of the health world, one minute it’s being slated, the next touted as the ultimate antioxidant or pre-workout booster (Google “bullet-proof” or “Paleo” coffee for evidence!). But what does […]

City-dwellers age 10% quicker


Many of you will have caught the front page story gracing the Sunday papers last weekend.  According to research conducted by Procter & Gamble, pollutants found in city air destroy proteins called keratins which help the skin to retain moisture.  To explain in more detail… Exposure to things like car exhaust causes free radicals to form in […]

Acne Series: Eat your way to clear skin


Diet can have a transformative effective – good and bad – on acne prone skin and there are lots of reasons for that. First up, some foods cause actual physiological changes in the body. These are the main culprits I’d suggest you cut back on if you’re struggling with blemishes or persistent breakouts. Refined sugar […]

The link between stomach bacteria and skin


Regular readers of my blog will know that I am forever urging skin allergy sufferers to seek advice from a nutritionist and naturopath – to help them manage (or for a lucky few) eradicate their condition through diet. I don’t consider myself to have a delicate stomach, nor do I have a wheat or dairy […]