Can a jade roller change your skincare routine for the better?


Facial brushing has never been more popular. Sonic rollers and exfoliating brushes are available everywhere and are often feted as the ultimate in DIY skincare. However, if you have sensitive or problem skin, these abrasive gadgets may do more harm than good. Luckily, it turns out that a natural alternative has actually been available for 1,000 […]

5 Top Tips for glowing winter skin


Skin feeling as dull as a drizzly January morning? Winter can be particularly tough on sensitive skin. Here’s our top tips for maintaining healthy, glowing skin – even in the coldest months. Smooth and brighten Grey skies and dry skin can combine to create seriously dull skin – the last thing you want during winter! Regular […]

What do spots on my chin mean?


There’s few things more annoying than a stubborn spot and, if blemishes are persistently popping up in the same area of your face, it can be even more frustrating. While irritating products can contribute to skin flare ups, we’ve seen more than our fair share of cases that support the belief that our faces are a window to how […]

What are free radicals?


Like antioxidants and peptides, free radicals have become something of a beauty industry buzzword. In reality, they are nothing new. Scientists and skincare professionals have been working hard to control and eradicate free radical damage since the 1950s – it’s just that the latest advances are only just starting to hit the mainstream. We thought […]

5 reasons you need a body oil this winter


Perhaps the most luxurious product in our range, our Royal Jasmine & May Chang Replenishing Body Oil really comes into its own in the cooler months. First developed for a Christmas gift set a few years ago, it proved so popular that it’s now a permanent feature in our body range. Here’s 5 reasons why it’s a […]

Is your skin reflecting your diet?


If you’ve ever woken up with a rosy face and a few spots on your forehead, you might have experienced that creeping sense of regret about last night’s wine or chocolate. Perhaps with good cause, according to a new book by Naturopathic doctor and skincare specialist, Nigma Talib. She suggests your skin can reveal much more than you […]

Living with a dog cuts child’s risk of asthma by 15%


New research has suggested growing up with exposure to dogs can dramatically reduce a child’s risk of asthma. The study analysed data on over 1 million children born in Sweden between 2001 and 2010 where, helpfully, dog and farm animal ownership must be registered by law. The data showed that exposure to dogs during the first year […]

4 Top Tips for Reducing Stress


We’ve all experienced the feeling of emotional or mental tension or strain known as stress at some point or another, but many people don’t realise the direct effect this feeling can have on our physical wellbeing – particularly with regards to our skin. Many skin complaints, including eczema, rosacea and acne, flare in tandem with […]

Psoriasis Awareness Week


We’ve posted much about this chronic auto-immune disease in the past, but to mark this week’s Psoriasis Awareness Week, here’s what you need to know. Caused by the acceleration of cell turnover, the condition appears as red, flaky patches of skin that are covered in ‘silver’ scales. It usually appears in small patches on the […]

Is water bad for my skin?


When you have sensitive skin, everything has the potential to become an irritant. Everything that is, except water – right? In recent months, a growing number of reports have suggested that water may be harmful to sensitive skin. Given the many variations in tap water and bottled water, these claims are difficult to prove. But […]

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