What are the most common detergents?


Following on from yesterday’s post about why sensitive skins should steer clear of detergents, today I’m focusing on the most common detergents. Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to remember and avoid all detergents as there are a huge number of them and most are a bit of a mouthful! Here’s a shortlist of the [...]

Faith’s feedback after taking our Cleanser Challenge


This week we’re encouraging people to change their Cleansing routine and take our #PaiChallenge! Faith was one of our early testers and has kindly recorded her feedback after using only our Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser for one week. The results are pretty impressive… Most recently I was using (on rotation): REN Rosa Centifolia [...]

Why sensitive skins should avoid detergents

hands covered with foam

I often talk about cleansers as ‘detergent-based’ or ‘detergent-free’ – but for our Say No to Squeaky Clean focus I thought I’d delve deeper into what that actually means and why detergents aren’t great for sensitive skin.  What is a detergent? Detergents found in beauty products aren’t the same as the detergents you put in [...]

Say NO to squeaky clean!


For me, a great skincare regime starts with good cleansing – get it right and everything else will fall into place. By “good cleansing” I mean selecting a Cleanser that will help you achieve skin balance – which means no foam, alcohol or detergents! While you may be addicted to that “squeaky clean” feeling from [...]

Our Camellia & Rose Cleanser scoops two awards!


I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that our Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser has scooped up two fantastic awards in less than a month! It has just been voted Best All-Round Cleanser in the Red Magazine Green Beauty Awards – a huge honour as we were up against some pretty fierce competition! Here’s what Beauty [...]

My latest Age Confidence web chat


Last Friday I held a live web chat as part of our Age Confidence celebration. As always, there were some fascinating questions asked, so I’ve reproduced the questions and answers below for anyone who wasn’t able to attend!  If you could recommend doing or eating one thing each day to improve your skin, what would [...]

No More Dirty Looks peek inside my makeup bag!


I’m honoured to have had my makeup bag featured into by the brilliant natural beauty site, No More Dirty Looks! Here’s the makeup ‘snoop’ in full – I’d love to hear some of your product suggestions in the comments! Name: Sarah Brown Age: 38 Home: Chiswick, West London (UK) My relationship with make-up: My relationship with make-up has [...]

8 things to do with your muslin cloth


I have amassed so many old muslins over the years and can never bear to throw them away – I’m a terrible hoarder! If your cloths are starting to pile up, here are my pointers for reusing and recycling them. 1. Everyday Gentle Exfoliation Using your muslin cloth to remove your Camellia & Rose Gentle [...]

What is Rosacea and how can I treat it?


Sensitive skin can be particularly susceptible to temperature variations, with Rosacea the most common skin complaint developing as a result. Very cold weather interspersed with blasts of hot, dry central heating can wreak havoc on Rosacea-prone skin can causes flare-ups. Equally humid, sunny weather can also be a trigger – understanding what causes your skin [...]

Not all Soap is bad for your skin


Soap has always had a bad rap. The main criticisms of it are that it dries out the skin and strips your natural oils. In many cases that’s true, especially those of the more synthetic variety – and it’s fair to say I would never ever use one on my face! But for the body, [...]