Allergy Awareness Week

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Today marks the start of Allergy Awareness Week, a cause you can imagine is pretty close to my heart! This year, we wanted to get on board and highlight just how prevalent skin allergies and reactions  really are. So, last month we commissioned some exclusive research and found that: 1 in every 2 British women […]

Could Bee Pollen help with allergies?

Bee Pollen

I recently read about bee pollen on the great food blog, My New Roots. Apparently these little golden grains are a high-energy whole food, which amazingly contain almost every nutrient the human body needs to survive. They’re also a great source of enzymes, protein and contain all 22 amino acids – which are essential for […]

‘Five A Day’ Focus: Oil & pH Balance


Achieving skin balance is key to taking control of problem skin. Skin balance refers to an even pH and oil production, and is affected by products, diet, stress and lifestyle. Unbalanced skin experiences oiliness, dryness, breakouts and reactions, whilst balanced skin is calm, clear and comfortable – here’s how to achieve it: Give your skin […]

What are dark circles & how can you get rid of them?

What are Dark Circles?

For a long time we weren’t quite sure why dark circles occurred, with potential causes ranging from smoking, a lack of Vitamin K, a lack of iron (anaemia) and lack of sleep. While all these and more (including allergies, age and menstruation) may well ring true, dermatologists now think that dark circles arise as a […]

Make-up for sensitive skin: products to watch out for

Make-up tips for Sensitive Skin

A couple of weeks ago while playing around on Facebook and Twitter I happened to mention I’d be blogging about make-up tips for sensitive skin, and my feed went crazy! It seems so many of you, sensitive skinned or not sensitive skinned, have suffered a reaction to a mainstream make-up product. Strange then that there […]

How to Patch Test new products and why you always should!

Patch Test products for sensitive skin

As you know, here at Pai we are all about caring for your super-sensitive skin. While we create our gentle yet effective organic products without irritants, we still always recommend that new customers Patch Test products before they introduce them into their daily beauty regime. Patch Testing ensures your new product suits your sensitive skin, […]

My Salicylate-Free Diet: The Verdict

Salicylate-free diet

30 days have been and gone and I’ve now decided to extend my Salicylate-free diet (read why I started it in the first place), mainly because over the past week it has turned into a ‘low’ Salicylate rather than ‘no’ Salicylate diet! Now that’s not because I’m lax or lazy, but because Salicylates seem to […]

When is a nut not a nut?


We get asked whether our products contain nut oil on a daily basis – not surprising really considering that in the UK, 1 in 100 has an allergy to peanuts and 1 in 200 has an allergy to tree nuts. While a reaction to a nut applied to the skin may not be as fierce […]

My Salicylate-Free diet, avoiding the foods that make me itch

Shopping List

It’s been a while since I talked about Salicylates (two years to be precise! Could salicylate sensitivity be causing your skin allergy?) but nevertheless I have been conscious of their effects on my skin. During the Winter hibernation months I’ve been a little lax about my diet and have definitely noticed my Urticaria worsen as […]

Allergy to Hand Soap: Pai’s Case Study!


After suffering an allergic reaction to harsh hospital hand wash, nurse Coralie turned to Pai products to repair and regenerate her skin. Here are the fantastic results… While we know Pai products are brilliant for sensitive and allergy-prone skin, it’s always immensely rewarding to see their soothing and healing properties in action. Last week we […]

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