The ultimate “babymoon” escape with Pai and The Scarlet


Pregnancy is the most magical and mind-boggling experience that can fly by all too quickly! My first pregnancy went by in a flash, which is why for my second (currently half way along) I’m really taking time to savour the journey. With this in mind, I’m so excited to announce the launch of our exclusive […]

Pai Skincare now available in Project B boxes!


As a new Mum, I’m really excited to announce our latest partnership with Project B – a subscription box service specifically for pregnant women and new Mums. Project B subscribers receive seven boxes throughout their pregnancy, from 12 weeks through to after the baby is born. Unlike other boxes that focus purely on beauty, the […]

Hormones and Skin Allergies: My Experience


Skin allergies are complex and fickle beasts and can, quite literally, change with the weather! I’ve ‘managed’ Urticaria for over 12 years now and have gradually got to grips with what makes it better or worse. However, every now and again life throws up a new experience that teaches me something else about my skin and […]

Your Pregnancy questions answered!


For those of you that missed out on last week’s live pregnancy skincare web chat, here’s a round-up of everything we discussed. Scroll down the page for answers. 1. I am currently 7 months pregnant and my facial skin is dehydrated but I can’t use anything too heavy because I’m worried I’ll get clogged pores. What […]

5 weird & wonderful celeb pregnancy secrets


To round off our week of talking all things pregnancy, we thought we’d share some of the stranger tips and titbits we’ve stumbled across from celeb Mums… 1. Weirdest Cravings: Mila Jovovich told Grazia that she spent an entire day scouring Paris for some bone marrow on bread – yuck! 2. Quickest way to get your […]

Join me for a Live Facebook Web Chat tomorrow!

sarah copy

It has been a fabulous week for us here at Pai HQ, where we’ve been celebrating the launch of our new Pomegranate & Pumpkin Seed Organic Stretch Mark System. To round it off, we’re opening the floor up to you! If you have any questions about caring for your skin during pregnancy, then come and […]

It takes two: Why a Cream and Oil is best in battle against Stretch Marks


One of the things that makes our new Pomegranate & Pumpkin Seed Stretch Mark System so unique is that it combines two essential forms of nourishment: a Cream and an Oil. While most women usually opt for one or other product, leading London skincare expert Paul Banwell explains why it’s best to double-up: “The key […]

New Pomegranate & Pumpkin Stretch Mark System


This week sees a Pai first! I’m thrilled to unveil Pai Pomegranate & Pumpkin Seed Organic Stretch Mark System. Our very first sensitive skin solution for pregnancy. Two years in the making, our unique certified organic Stretch Mark prevention kit is already exciting skin experts and celebrity Mums! In this month’s issue of In Style magazine, […]

How to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.


No discussion on skin care during pregnancy would be complete without addressing the biggie….stretch marks. While most Mums enjoy pregnancy, they‘re not so keen on the souvenirs that it leaves behind – particularly when faced with the distinctly mark-free, post-bump bodies celebrities are forever flaunting. First of all let me say that those bodies have […]

Prenatal Pampering: Cosmetic ingredients to avoid during pregnancy


Pregnancy: exciting and daunting in equal measures.  With the flood of dos and don’ts from the mother-in-law, midwife, friend and anyone else who cares to chip in, expectant mothers can often struggle to separate fact from fiction.  But while it is easy to become preoccupied with what you are putting into your body, too often […]

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