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Introduce friends and family to the world of Pai with a handpicked gift. Shop our bestsellers under £50 to pass on to a loved one... or keep for yourself, no judgement!

Perfect for pregnant loved ones, our Pomegranate & Pumpkin Seed Stretch Mark System contains a 2-Step Hydrating Cream & Replenishing Oil for 24-Hour stretch mark defense.

  • Dinner Out Dinner Out
    • New Formula
    Dinner Out
    Blemish Mask & Cloth to Clarify the Skin


  • The Pioneer
    Mattifying Moisturiser for Oily or Combination Skin


  • System D System D
    • Ceramides Collection
    System D
    Cooling Eye Gel Serum


  • The Anthemis The Anthemis
    • Best Seller
    The Anthemis
    Calming & Hydrating Moisturiser for Sensitive and Eczema Prone Skin


  • Century Flower Century Flower
    • Best Seller
    Century Flower
    Soothing Face Toner for Sensitive Skin


  • Polly Plum
    Hydrating Body Moisturiser for Dry Skin


  • Body Doubles Body Doubles
    • SAVE 21%
    Body Doubles
    Body Cream & Body Wash Bundle

    £43 £34

  • Living Water
    Rice Plant & Rosemary Purifying Tonic


  • All Becomes Clear All Becomes Clear
    • Best Seller
    All Becomes Clear
    Face Serum for Blemish Prone Skin


  • The Impossible Glow The Impossible Glow
    The Impossible Glow
    Hyaluronic Acid & Sea Kelp Bronzing Drops

    £15.20 - £29

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  • Feather Canyon Feather Canyon
    • Best Seller
    Feather Canyon
    Light Eye Cream for Sensitive Eyes


  • Carbon Star Carbon Star
    • New
    Carbon Star
    Detoxifying Night Face Oil for Blemish Prone Skin

    £24 - £39

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  • The Gemini The Gemini
    • Best Seller
    The Gemini
    Pomegranate & Pumpkin Seed 2-Step Pregnancy Stretch Mark Oil & Cream


  • The Light Fantastic The Light Fantastic
    • Ceramides Collection
    The Light Fantastic
    Ceramide Face Oil

    £29 - £44

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  • Virtuous Circle
    Ultra Gentle Exfoliator for Sensitive Skin


  • Back to Life Back to Life
    • Best Seller
    Back to Life
    Hydrating Face Serum for Sensitive & Eczema Prone Skin


  • Curtain Call Curtain Call
    • New Formula
    Curtain Call
    Rosehip Brightening Mask and Cloth


  • Love and Haight Love and Haight
    • Best Seller
    Love and Haight
    Avocado Hydrating Moisturiser for Dry & Dehydrated Skin


  • Middlemist Seven Middlemist Seven
    • Best Seller
    Middlemist Seven
    Gentle Cream Cleanser and Cloth for Sensitive Skin

    £19 - £34

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  • Sleep Stars Sleep Stars
    • SAVE 20%
    Sleep Stars
    Night Face Oil Gift Set

    £29 £23.20

£50 and Under

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