Making Fade Forward serum

The making of Fade Forward

The best thing about our skin consultation service is that the Pai team gets to speak to our customers all day, every day. And a great bonus is that when our skin coaches meet with our Founder and NPD team, they get to relay all the questions they get asked most. Including all the products Pai customers wish existed to help with their skin goals.

An all-natural dark spot solution for sensitive skin didn’t exist. So like all of our product launches (and indeed Pai itself), we made it. And that’s how Fade Forward came to being.

“Hyperpigmentation is one of the top skin issues we get asked for help with,” says Sarah, our Founder. “But one that historically has been hard to improve using topical products alone. So many people resort to quite intrusive and intensive laser treatments instead.”

What we needed to create was a product that yes – fades dark spots – but also tackles the root of discolouration deep in the skin. After all, quick fixes have never been our style.

“Most products in the market provide an aesthetic but temporary improvement to the appearance of the skin, whereas our product – Fade Forward – offers both an aesthetic and functional solution with potentially permanent results if used correctly,” explains John, our Head of R&D.

 Making Fade Forward in the lab

“We always strive to work in a way that doesn’t solve one problem only to leave behind a different one,” adds Sarah. “So we have made a product that works in a multidimensional way.

"It’s an exceptionally conceived formulation that doesn’t use acids or bleaching agents to fade pigmentation – it works uniquely at a healthier, more cellular level.”

A name inspired by innovation

Our new serum is a product that works hard. On historic dark spots and future ones. It fades – but pays it forward for sensitive skin too.

And with that mission in mind, we found a fitting name.

“We always seek to tackle the root cause of a problem so our formulas are more complete and long-serving remedies. With Fade Forward, we wanted to convey the core benefit of fading dark spots while communicating a positive, forward-looking future for skin prone to pigmentation,” explains Sarah.

A game-changing ingredient

The star of Fade Forward is Marine Algae, which comes from the mineral-rich sea water from the Pink Granite Coast of Brittany. Rich in phlorotannins, this brilliant extract helps the skin reactivate the proteins that control skin pigmentation.

“It was very exciting to find an ingredient that not only addressed hyperpigmentation but also tackled the cause of hyperpigmentation. Something other products in the market do not do,” says John.

While there was excellent existing data on Marine Algae, there was still work for our research and development team to do to make sure the ingredient could hold its own in our 100% natural formulation.

 algae dark spot serum

John explains, “As with most natural ingredients, stability can be tricky and the colour can vary and change over time. Careful selection of emulsifiers, preservatives, and antioxidants ensured the product would be safe to use and fit for purpose.”

And fit for purpose it is, and more. We put John’s formula through its paces in independent clinical and consumer trials – and the results have been better than anything we could have imagined.

Fade Forward has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of dark spots**, with 82% agreeing it visibly reduced the appearance of dark spots*, 87% agreeing it left skin visibly healthier with a radiant glow* and 83% agreeing it helped balance the appearance of uneven pigmentation*.

 Sensitive dark spot serum

Results powered by nature

As well as Marine Algae, our dark spot serum contains naturally derived Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Vitamin E and Vitamin C to help leave skin hydrated, brighter and more radiant.

“You might be able to tell we love this Vitamin C a lot. It’s in our Stabilised Vitamin C 20% Brightening Booster and C-2 Believe Vitamin C Brightening Moisturiser,” says Izzy Taylor, our NPD Manager.

“Just because you have sensitive skin it shouldn’t mean you can’t find beautiful, efficacious and targeted products that work for you. It's what I love most about Pai - proving natural ingredients are just as powerful!”

Ready to fade dark spots and balance uneven skin tone without the use of exfoliating acids? Discover our clinically-proven, kind-to-sensitive-skin dark spot serum now.

**Clinical study on 20 subjects with dark spots over nine weeks

*Eight week independent consumer trial on 101 women



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Personalise Your Routine!

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Concentrated actives that are kind to skin with no compromise on performance. Blend with your Pai moisturiser or serum, oil, SPF, body decide!

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